make your business much better LET'S DRAW SOME ARTS
make your business much better LET'S DRAW SOME ARTS
make your business much better

We are (( Rawat AL Dıfaf )) Company that specify in General Trading & Contracts such as construction , Mechanical , Electrical , Paving & Earthen . We are executed many projects to different establishment , companies & official offices . Also we have a good staff consist of Engineers , surveyors , accountants , skilled & Unskilled labors they have wide experience in above fields . As well as we have some construction Equipment & Machinery that belong to our company .
We are ready to execute any project you may submit to us with a suitable cost & a limited period . We are ready to insurance a protection to work site & workers during work period .


We are pleased to offer you services company (( Rawat Al-Difaf Contracting and General Trading Co., Ltd.) ) specialized contracting construction of public , such as construction projects , electrical, mechanical and dirt and acts of tiling and maintenance , restoration and processing, and we would like to offer you our tariff this so that you know our expertise in the field of reconstruction and hope that Thoudy our company Bakbolekm the order to be able to contribute in the field of reconstruction and construction in our country of the new Iraq . The Our company has the completion of several projects in all areas such as construction and reconstruction , processing and transportation, as well as our business similar companies in different Iraqi and as our experience and ability in the speed of implementation of the business, depending on the period of time specified , our motto is always use the best kinds of materials created successful and subject to the specifications of the laboratory good quality   We also have a technical staff specializing in business above monolithic engineers, surveyors and workers Fenian and technicians in addition to a number of equipment and vehicles belonging to our company  and we are ready to provide protection to the workplace and workers during the period of work as well as equipment rental all kinds of heavy equipment   We are ready to accomplish any project offers us a cost suitable hoping to work together to contribute to the reconstruction of the New Democratic Iraqna  We enclose herewith a list of Macs that previously accomplished by us hoping that diminish our offer to your satisfaction Please accept the assurances of our thanks and appreciation to .

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