Company CV

Iraq has witnessed great growth in this new era which makes the Iraqi economy promising great future as the capitals began to move smoothly to create good opportunity for businessmen so our company had the largest share to invest its capitals in a way that consisted with the new era in favor of beneficiaries of our people in terms of providing consulting services or accomplish infrastructure projects. Our efforts have been harmonized to represent different kind of investment and commercial aspects represented by our company (RAD) for general trading Ltd. to accommodate all economic activities covering various parts of Iraq and beyond borders of our beloved country .

 Rawat AL Dıfaf (RAD) aimed to be considered as one of the reputed contractors in Iraq. (RAD) is specialized in the field of Electro-Mechanic and related activities in the construction of building, district cooling, infrastructure and other related civil activities in Iraq. (RAD) has professional expertise that have extensive experience in the field of construction and engineering including architectural, infrastructure, Plumbing, Fire Fighting Installation, Piping, Electrical work & HVAC work, and energy related to electro-mechanical discipline in the field of construction as well as the high quality technical and management staff. (RAD) recognizes any challenges posed by the new projects regardless of the size or complexity of the project with its commitment to provide competitive prices and compliance to quality standards.

Director Manager

Wamidh Ghazi Abo AL Hail